Luoyang Dayang High-performance Material Co.,Ltd. is founded in Oct.1993 after reorganization,200m north to the East Entrance of the Lianhuo Express Way in Luoyang.
      Since the foundation, DY has adopted the special equipment and advanced oxidizing technology on producing high quality fused cast AZS blocks which used in glass furnaces. Our annual production capacity has reached 50,000 tons already. Besides producing series of shaped blocks AZS-33, AZS-36, AZS-41 and block cold processing and pre-assambling, DY can also produce kinds of unshaped environment-friendly materials.
      DY never satisfies with the existing production technology, while keeps seeking the exploration and application in the field of new technology. In the new century, DY has developed some new kinds of fused cast alumina materials, DY-Z,DY-αβ (DY- M), DY- P (DY-H) and DY- a (DY-A) by combining the advanced technology of foreign countries and our own.
      The products of DY have been exported to over 50 countries and regions such as Asia, Europe and America etc. and we will still steadily provide you, our respectful customers with high quality products and service to meet your demands at the first time and at every time.


Address:Mengjin County, Luoyang City, sent Zhuang Zone

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